About Red Tent Gathering

In ancient times, the Red Tent was a safe and sacred place where only women gathered to experience, share, celebrate, and mourn the rhythms of women's life.

The Red Tent Gathering encourages each participant to explore the life of a biblical woman alongside her own, using interactive learning experiences.

Through interactive exploration and reflection on biblical stories, participants are invited to walk with these "women of the tent" and with one another. Generations are bridged, fostering the realization that the sisters who came before share similar stories and journeys with today's women.

As it was in ancient times, the Red Tent Gathering creates a safe and sacred space for all women who gather together.

About the Author - Rev. Beth Patton

I am a life-long Presbyterian and for over 25 years I have served on church staffs and non-profit organizations in various educational and administrative capacities. My vocational and educational interests are in the areas of social justice and women’s economic development. I have pursued these interests by earning an M.A. in Latin American Studies and Community Planning as well as a Master’s of Divinity. I have combined these passions in the creation of the Red Tent Gathering.