Praise for Red Tent Gathering

Accolades for the Red Tent Gathering"The Red Tent Gathering helps me recognize women’s important roles in the early days of the church and has deepened my ability to see myself as a leader in the church today.”

-Marjorie R.

"The Red Tent Gathering makes the Bible so accessible to each of us and provides so many ways to relate and connect to the Word.“

-Gennie A.


"The use of crafts and meditation time allows each of us to learn and grow in our own personal way. Our Red Tent meetings are a sanctuary where we can talk and share life experiences whether painful or joyful– probably very similar to the original ‘Red Tents’. “

-Kathryn A.


"It has profoundly deepened my faith in God and compassion for all women of the world, every religion and culture.“

-Sophie P.

"I enjoy gathering with the women from my church. We really enjoy each other’s company.”

-Michele C.