Benefits for Your Congregation

The Red Tent Gathering is an investment in your community of faith...

Benefits for your congregation

  • Engages women of all ages in the life of the congregation 
  • Provides volunteer opportunities for both new and long-term visitors or members
  • Allows for incorporation of new member as each session stands alone
  • Builds an active community of faith 

Benefits for the participants

  • Furnishes companionship and resources in journey of faith
  • Gives time for personal reflection and growth
  • Offers opportunity to meet new friends or deepen current friendships
  • Meets individuals at all stages of faith journey

Benefits for the leader

  • Provides a field-tested resource with multiple uses: retreat, Bible study, monthly gathering, Sunday School class, etc.
  • Supplies biblical research and session instructions while leaving room for your personal touch
  • Allows for easy rotation or sharing of session leadership with step-by-step guide
  • Offers a variety of activities for differing learning styles and personalities