Session 4 - Unnamed Women of Jesus' Ministry: Voice

$ 17.00

In the four Gospels of the New Testament, there are numerous women who played a vital role in Jesus' ministry. There are several, however, who remain unnamed. In many cases there isn't any information regarding their background or life story. Such unnamed women include: the Woman Accused of Adultery, Widow of Nain, Poor Widow, Woman Who Anoints Jesus' Feet, Woman at the Well, Bent Over Woman, Woman in the Crowd, Woman with Flow of Blood, Canaanite Woman and Her Daughter, and the Woman Who Anoints Jesus' Head.

The encounters between these women and Jesus crossed social and religious boundaries in regards to gender roles, purity laws, and the status of foreigners. Yet, these women participated in and even initiated interactions with Jesus that were central to demonstrating Jesus' ministry here on earth and the realm of God.

Often we forget the stories of the unnamed women, missing their vital message for our own journey. Through faithful exploration of the biblical narrative it is our task to unearth the lives and stories of these women. Let us bridge the generations and remember anew the acts and journeys of the Unnamed Women of Jesus' Ministry so that we give voice to them once again.



  • Ice-breaker Activity
  • Introduction in Power Point® format
  • Meditation in Power Point® format
  • Three Thematic/Meditative Stations:
    • Naming
    • Healing Hands
    • Remembering Anew
  • Reflection Questions
  • Closing Liturgy – Anointing Circle