Session 5 - Mary and Martha: Choices

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There are three accounts of the sisters Mary and Martha found in the New Testament, one in Luke (10:38-42) and two in John (11:1-44; 12:1-8). Jesus was also present with Martha and Mary on these three occasions. In our collective memory, we tend to combine all three accounts and recall that Mary and Martha were sisters who lived in Bethany and were good friends with Jesus. Martha is depicted as the exasperated hostess and mistress of the house, while Mary is considered to be more passive and contemplative. Jesus wept at the death of their brother whom he raised again to life.

Mary and Martha offer a fresh approach to our many roles as followers of Jesus. Through service and hospitality and a life of contemplation and spiritual renewal we can bring new life to a way of being that nurtures ourselves and our community of faith. In our choices women can seek to find a balance. We are called to be both Mary and Martha as we each serve an important role in the life the Christian community.

Through faithful exploration of the biblical narrative it is our task to unearth the life and stories of these sisters. We meet Mary and Martha as we bridge the generations and discover that we women today share similar stories and choices.



  • Ice-breaker Activity
  • Introduction in Power Point® format
  • Meditation in Power Point® format
  • Two Thematic/Meditative Stations:
    • Who Do You Say You Are?
    • Who Do You Say I Am?
  • Reflection Questions
  • Community Circle -- Who Do You Say You Are?
  • Closing Liturgy