Session 6 -- Miriam: Courage

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Few women are recognized as religious leaders in the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), Miriam is one of them. She was a prophet and is the first woman in the Hebrew Bible to be given this title. She was perhaps the creator of one of the earliest examples of Hebrew poetry, Miriam's Song or Song of the Sea.

Miriam demonstrated many acts of courage: she watched over her baby brother, Moses, in the Nile River; she led the community in song and dance after crossing the Sea of Reeds; and she challenged the authority of Moses. Yet, she died in the wilderness of modern day Syria never reaching the Promised Land. Miriam reclaims for us a strong female leader from the early days of our tradition.

Through faithful exploration of the biblical narrative it is our task to unearth the life and story of this woman. We meet Miriam as we bridge the generations and discover that we women today share similar stories and acts of courage.



  • Ice-Breaker Activity
  • Introduction in Power Point®
  • Meditation in Power Point® format
  • Three Thematic/Meditative Stations:
    • Miriam's Well
    • Sand Story
    • Gathering Words
  • Reflection Questions
  • Closing Liturgy - Miriam's Circle


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