Session 8 - Mary & Elizabeth: Waiting

$ 17.00

Mary and Elizabeth and the nativity stories are the fibers that weave the foundation of the Christian faith. Each year we happily anticipate the retelling of the stories of Mary and Elizabeth and the events surrounding the birth of their sons, Jesus and John the Baptist. Yet, these seemingly innocent stories contain theologically divisive material and characters faced with unprecedented challenges and circumstances.

Because these narratives are so familiar and we know how the story ends, we often overlook many layers of detail that contribute to the complexity of the story. By looking closer into the lives of Elizabeth and Mary one can gain a richer understanding of the socio–historic context of life in the 1st century CE. What was the cultural significance of Mary's and Elizabeth's pregnancies, why are Matthew's and Luke's retellings so different, and what does this mean for our faith journey today?

Through faithful exploration of the biblical narrative it is our task to unearth the life and stories of these two women. We meet Mary and Elizabeth as we bridge the generations and discover that we women today share similar stories and times of expectant and purposeful waiting.



  • Ice-breaker Activity
  • Introduction in Power Point® format
  • Meditation in Power Point® format
  • Reflection Questions
  • One Thematic/Meditative Stations:
    • Waiting and Weaving
  • Closing Liturgy:
    • Bringing Forth Basket & Mary's Magnificat