Session 9 - Women of the Early Church: Commitment

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Christianity was an illegal movement until the year 313 CE when Constantine, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, declared Christianity as a legally recognized form of worship. Until that time, both women and men who were involved in the Christian movement were persecuted for their faith. They met in secret locations such as house churches and communicated in public using secret signs and symbols. It was dangerous and illegal to be a Christian in the first centuries CE.

The Christian faith and the Good News of the gospel could not have spread across the globe if it had not been for the faith, commitment, and leadership of the women of the early church. The women and their ministries listed in the New Testament are representative of many other women who shared in similar activities but whose stories have been lost, silenced, or forgotten. Four of these women are Tabitha, Lydia, Priscilla, and Phoebe.

Throughout the history of the Christian church, women have not been mere helpmates to the spreading the Good News, but central to the message and mission of Christianity. Through faithful exploration of the biblical narrative it is our task to unearth the lives and stories of these women. Let us bridge the generations and discover the commitment of the women of the early church as well as our own.



  • Ice-breaker Activity
  • Introduction in Power Point® format
  • Meditation in Power Point® format
  • Four Thematic/Meditative Stations:
    • New Life: Tabitha
    • Transformation: Lydia
    • Partnership: Priscilla & Aquila
    • Leadership: Phoebe
  • Reflection Questions
  • Closing Liturgy